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“Tarrynn is a superb life transition coach, and we have worked together for a few months now. I love the depth of our discussions. It is when we go deep that we see things clearly and Tarrynn’s patience and presence helps me tremendously. 

I appreciate her insights as they help me look at issues and topics in a manner I would not have otherwise explored. There are definitely many ‘aha’ moments when we work together. This has led me to get to the root cause of my situation and move forward in a positive manner. 

I am typically a person who connects well with my logical or rational side more. However, Tarrynn is able to bring out all my strengths and helps me use ALL my resources so that I find holistic solutions to problems. I really appreciate my time with Tarrynn as she works at my pace and is an excellent listener.”

Sharleen G.

Tarrynn in Action

Tarrynn really delivers on her promises in coaching.  The “love your work, love your life” concept… this actually happens! Tarrynn’s gentle, insightful questioning opened my eyes to areas I have ignored for far too long.  I leave our sessions feeling inspired to make necessary changes.  Her coaching shows me how equipped I am to do the work, which truly makes me eager to do the hard stuff. 

Because of the work I have done with Tarrynn over the last year, my life is more in balance than it has ever been.  She has helped me make progress on things I didn’t think would ever improve. Looking back, I am amazed at my before and after. When you invest in yourself and commit to coaching with Tarrynn, the dividends are endless!

Robin S.

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